Bunker Project Update

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9th December 2017
Lyme Regis Golf Club 125th Birthday Celebration Week
9th February 2018

Bunker Project Update

The bunker rebuild project is now all but complete.

This has been a success.

The major part of the work being carried out in ideal conditions, during November and December.

Duncan, Peter and Jamie had a big input into the design of the bunkers based on recommendations from the architect Jonathon Tucker.

The build and expert shaping was carried out by Mike Smith. Mike is extremely skillful on his digger, it was like watching an artist at work.

Also thank you to the army of volunteers who helped us on many occasions.
The project came in under budget. In fact we budgeted to rebuild 43 bunkers and actually built 46 plus banking on the 18th and graded out some fairway bunkers, as recommended by the architect.

We feel that the build has enhanced the aesthetics of our already naturally dramatic site.
Most if not all holes have the potential to be harder to play, and this can be increased with various pin placements.


A massive thanks to all of the green keepers, pro shop boys ,Russell Caddy and Andy Moore who gave 100% commitment.

It’s great to be part of a progressive club. Hope you all continue to enjoy your golf at the club.
And get to love or loathe your new bunkers.

David Everett.