New Rules For Handicaps

Bunker Project Update
9th February 2018

New Rules For Handicaps

From January 1st 2018 CONGU (the Council of National Golf Unions) of which England Golf is a member has increased the competition handicap ceiling to 54.0 for all golfers by implementing 2 new categories . (Previously 28.0 for men and 36.0 for ladies.) Upward adjustment will remain at 0.1 as now. These changes have been made because CONGU proposes to introduce a World Handicap System (WHS). Once this has been implemented it means that your handicap will be accepted wherever in the world you play.

Lyme Regis Golf Club is pleased to be an inclusive golf club, welcoming all players of whatever category, new and experienced golfers alike. The increased handicap is easily dealt with by introducing another division in qualifying competitions for players with a higher handicap. Non-qualifying competitions may have a handicap ceiling with a separate competition for players who come within the new categories. The aim of Lyme Regis Golf Club is to increase the enjoyment of playing golf on our beautiful course by everyone.

Presentation night was a confirmation of the camaraderie in Lyme Regis GC.  The atmosphere was fun, very relaxed and there were a record number of people attending.  It was good to see players supporting each other whether or not they were recipients of awards.

There are other changes proposed for next year and these will be posted on the various notice boards in the club but this is the most significant.

If you require more information you can get this from the CONGU website or if you have any further queries please contact the office.